About Brooks

Brooks Gibbs is a youth crisis counselor, bullying expert, one of the nation’s most sought-after youth speakers, and author of the best-selling Love is Greater Than Hate. The core of Gibbs’ life’s work is teaching youth how to break free from power of bullies by living according to the principles of the Golden Rule. In 2013, he launched the #LiveLoveMove tour in partnership with the band One Direction. 

Gibbs knows first-hand what it means to be tortured by bullies and to find the  power of life transformation through the wisdom of the Golden Rule. Gibbs grew up  in a dysfunctional family shattered by divorce and addiction. As a skinny, unathletic kid with learning disabilities and emotional insecurities, he was stalked by bullies and living in fear. Gibbs’ life was transformed when he discovered the power of the Golden Rule—not only to change his own life—but to change his relationships with those who were his enemies. Today Gibbs shares his insight and wisdom with hundreds of thousands of teenagers across the nation.