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Brooks Gibbs is an award winning social skills educator. He teaches strategies for conflict resolution with a special emphasis on emotional resilience and the Golden Rule.

Brooks is an elite communicator whose message has reached millions through a skillful balance of wit and wisdom. Over 2,500 schools and youth leadership organizations have hired to speak and his online training videos have amassed more than 150 million views.

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Message Overview

Brooks teaches students two basic principles:

  1. Don’t get upset (Emotional Resilience)

  2. Treat them like a friend (The Golden Rule)

Most youth aggression is non-criminal and consists of name calling, social exclusion, rumors, etc. These behaviors are inevitable between siblings at home and peers at school. Despite the pettiness of these behaviors, they can do tremendous emotional harm to a student. Brooks teaches students how to protect their emotions from the effects of these behaviors through emotional resilience.

He also communicates the genius of The Golden Rule. This social instruction teaches students how to make friends and also manage their perceived enemies. The Golden Rule takes advantage of the law of reciprocity, and as students learn to treat others as friends, this positive behavior becomes the social norm.

His 45-50 minute high-energy keynote is full of excellent information and can be applied to any non-criminal aggression at home, on campus, or online. Brooks, of course, encourages students to seek adult intervention when they feel like they are in danger or cannot handle the aggression on their own.

Brooks Gibbs is helping create a safe environment in schools across the United States.
— Mary Wong | President | Office Depot Foundation
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We are excited to partner with Brooks and believe this program is helping empower students in schools.
— One Direction | Band
Brooks is changing the way many schools address aggression by providing simple social skills that transform school culture.
— Fabian Ramirez, M.A. | Bullying Speaker for Schools |
Brooks Gibbs is a solid youth speaker that I would highly recommend for your next program. More so, he’s a genuine family guy who comes from the heart in how he lives his life.
— Jeff Yalden | Youth Speaker |