Brooks is a respected leader in the anti-bullying industry. His strategies are simple, practical, and easy-to-implement.
— Jeff Veley | Youth Speaker |
Brooks has an uncanny ability to draw you in with his humor, but speak truth in his honesty. His words and stories will make you think about your life in a way you haven’t before! I would highly recommend him for any youth event.
— Bianca Juarez Olthoff | Speaker-Teacher-Writer |
“An incredible communicator who truly cares about teens. Brooks Gibbs is the real deal.”
— Joel Penton | Youth Speaker |
Brooks is an experienced communicator with a dynamic, engaging presentation style. Most importantly, he really cares about his topic, he cares about his audience, and he does what he does in order to make a difference.
— Shawn Ellis | Founder |


Brooks’ message on resilience is one of the best messages I have ever heard.
— Christian Moore, MSW | Founder |


In 40 years, I have never attended a better school assembly.
— Dr. Ross Dirks
Your words to our kids at the retreat were so helpful and hit us where we live. I am so grateful for your work with our students. Inviting you back is not if, but when! Thanks again.
— Phil Adams | Principal | Phoenix High School
Brooks did an excellent job when he came and spoke to our students. We had two assemblies, one for or 1500 middle school students (6th,7th, and 8th) speaking about bullying and then to our 1500 high school students about life choices. Both programs were excellent, the students were attentive and engaged in the program. The comments I recieved from the students and administrators were positive and I told Brooks it was going to be hard to top this assembly.
— Bob Richard | Danville High School, Danville IL