Brooks has presented hundreds of presentations throughout the USA.

  • In 40 years, I have never attended a better school assembly.

    Dr. Ross Dirks

  • Brooks' message on resilience is one of the best messages I have ever heard.

    Christian Moore, founder of

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  • Your words to our kids at the retreat were so helpful and hit us where we live. I am so grateful for your work with our students. Inviting you back is not if, but when! Thanks again.

    Phil Adams, Principal, Phoenix High School

  • Brooks is the best speaker we have ever had! He really helped our students understand just how valuable they are! We highly recommend him.

    Horizon High School, San Diego, CA

  • Thank you for sharing Brooks Gibbs with Hughes Middle School on Friday. I have heard many positive comments from both students and staff. One of our new teachers to HMS made the comment that she has heard many speakers at the High School level, and she felt Brooks was one of the best speakers she has had the opportunity to hear.

    Brooks was an enjoyable speaker that was able to identify with our students, while also offering a serious message to them. I was impressed that are student body, with over a thousand students, listened carefully to Brooks presentation. Anyone who can hold the attention of 1,050 - 11 to 15 year old students for 45 minutes certainly has a gift!

    Dani Smith, Counselor, Hughes Middle School, TX

  • Brooks did an excellent job when he came and spoke to our students.  We had two assemblies, one for  or 1500 middle school students (6th,7th, and 8th) speaking about bullying and then to our 1500 high school students about life choices.  Both programs were excellent, the students were attentive and engaged in the program.  The comments I recieved from the students and administrators were positive and I told Brooks it was going to be hard to top this assembly.

    Bob Richard - Danville High School - Danville, Illinois