Kaitlin Michelle May

He went to my school and he's a great and hilarious speaker 

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Kiya Beasley

hey brooks thank you for coming to our school today u inspired me. you keep doing what your doing it takes a special person to do what you do God bless you man

Allie B. Phillips


i love u!!!!

Tina Albright Connell

You made my daughter feel like she was cared and not invisible this week. She was so excited she got a hug. A little love goes a long way. Thank you.

Marley Booth

Hey brooks thank you so much for coming our school and making us laugh. Last year I was the girl you picked to come up and your really inspiring to everyone. Every time something comes up in a bully situation I think ... Brooks Gibbs... Golden rule. I use the golden rule everyday and I was interested in trying the church you go to. I heard it was really good. Thx for coming in.

Lacie Gladding

Thanks for coming to CHS today and talking to us. You really inspired me. I think you inspired everyone in that room. I hope you know how much of an impact you have had on everyone that you talk to. You're amazing! Thank you again :) and you smelled good when i gave you a hug :) haha

Jazmin Levario

thank u for comin to our school. in elkhart.

Miranda Berishaj

what you did at my junior high was amazing&i seriously cried♥ stop the

hurt&the hate.

Cameron Hueber

You were really great the other morning in Van!

Sabrina Bree Pacitto

You had an amazing presentation at my school the other day. Thank you. Some people need to learn. Everyone does. You are so inspirational. Thank you.

Becca Roberts

Yesterday u were in van and i think u really change my mind on bullying i think that now i will be able to ignore the bullies so thank you

Paul N Lydia Hope

My children loved the program at van today! Thank u

Jill Ashmore Dutton

A parent texted me after tonight's parent forum and said, "That was freaking awesome!" Thank you again for coming to Van, Texas and sharing your story and your wisdom.


Estella Cox

Thanks for talking to are school it was great we enjoyed it!

Cody Lovett

I liked the talk u gave to all us van students thank you!

Mark N Amanda Davis

Thank you so much for coming to Van! We enjoyed you so much! Was so excited to chat with my girls tonight about their experience with you!

Amber Smith Andrews

I really loved your speech!!! Ur like a comedic lecturer!!!!:)

Harley Ortega

I loved your spech!! Ur soo funny. My friends and i like ur singing:)) thanks from the van high school!! Keep it up:))

Aubrianna Luck

Loved your performance at our school today!! Be Calm. Be Kind. :)

Tangee Cayton

Totally enjoyed your presentations today! Thanks for coming! Hope you had a wonderful evening in Kansas!

Andrea Baker

Thanks again for coming to Elkhart, Kansas. My girls enjoyed your talk and so did I. Best wishes and God Bless!

Sj Rodriguez

Great job today at Elkhart High School!!!!!!!!

Mikayla Danielle

You did Amazing today at our School.

--Funniest Motivational Speaker Everr. (:

Th'Yani WeezyFbabyy Ambreshae

HMS Was glad to have you today!! Henderson , Texas

Ashley Simmons

Are you coming back to Danville high school? we miss you! Lol

Melody Collins Smith

Thank you so much for visiting us in El Paso today and leaving your powerful message. I kept thinking of my son when I heard your story...then I realized I can be that Mom who can empower, encourage and show empathy. Thank you again for your story, for your approach and your love. It was amazingly awesome.

Dolores Angerstein

I went to the conference in El Paso and loved your message. You're "da bomb!!"

O'maria Maria

went to the "culture caring and classroom". you were great. seriously. I wish you could've spoken to the Ed majors at Lee Uni. ^_^

Claudia Andrade

Thank you for visiting the Sun City! Your message is crucial to the future of our children and the educators who shape them! If God be For you No man can stand against you!

Ivette Galindo

Awesome job in El Paso today!!

Ashley Howe

you are so funny but said alot of inspriring things. also what odoes your websites homepage look like

Jerry Trimble Jr.

Keep up the great work Brooks Gibbs. The world needs it!

Doris Ann Rodriguez-Bryant

Thank you so much for your presentations today at the Adolescent Symposium in Dallas, Texas. I admired your presentation style and am a firm believer that our students learn through role play, demonstration, positive communication and modeling.

Jocelyn Forster

you are soo freaken hilarious! There is no doubt about that. I love how you use a lot of humor to get your message across. You make anti-bullying assembly's soo much better! :D Your soo awesome.

Emma Erfourth

you were super funny when u came to my school! i look at life in a whole new way :)

Steve Piltz McIntyre

Nice job today at Clifford Smart Middle School!

Alayne Martin




Madison Harry

Just wanted to say, thanks for changing my life!

Zach Fleck

Great job at timber-lee (path retreat 2012) i think you were really funny and shared what you thought and let me tell you. i have never gotten into the bullying level you did but i tried the love> hate thing by being nice and the just simply left me alone

Sharon Borden Rogers

Thanks for your messages to our middle schoolers on Saturday! Trust you and your son made it home safely. You have truly been blessed to be a blessing!

Becky Weimer

hey i was at the path retreat at camp timberlee i helped with the golden rule game and what you told us was all so right because i tried the love is better then hate and it worked so thank you alot and keep doin what ur doin

Ali Idalski

Thanks for speaking at godwin ( : You were great .

Anh-Thu Vuong

Thank you for coming to Godwin today!!:D You and Josh were so inspirational. This has been the best assembly i've ever attened! Best of luck in all you guys do! thanks again!:D

Krazie Doll

Had fun listening to you speak today. And signing my book. Im the one that made you sign a whole paragraph. (shun) remember? Lol anyway thanks for your inspiration. I shared the book with a friend of mine. She likes it alot. Lol she took it away from me to read it.

Allen Green

It was awesome talking to you today. Sorry I missed you this morning.

Macy Jean Gibbs

It's was nice listening to you today!!! And I have the same last name!!!!!

Gerald Brianna Green Reyna

Thank you brooks for comming to St.Marys in Beeville Texas. The Golden Rule rocks!!!!!

Grace Ledbetter

thoroughly enjoyed your visit to beeville!! i was so happy for my kids (and me) to have heard what you have to say. the best part was, i asked my kids to translate what your message was about. after my son told me, he finished with.... "mom. that's what you've been telling me my whole life." made me so happy that he recognized the similarities!! i wish you much success in getting the word out there. we all need it!

Miranda Nicole

Thanks for helping me, Brooks. I owe you a lot. You're amazing. :) Message me your email.

Kylie Crumbliss

Your an amazing speaker! Thank you sooooo much for visiting our school! We will never forget you! Thank you for showing everyone that your life is based on the choices you make! And anyone is able to have a great life! God bless you Brooks! =)


Caitlyn Borys

Thank you for speaking at Shelton High School today! I enjoyed every minute it!!! Im so glad that you mixed your positive message in with alot of humor. I could not stop laughing, but also took your message to heart!

Jace Hoag

You completely inspired me. You were great this morning at Shelton High School! :)

Aburof M Kishki

keep it the good work up. far from you but can feel the spirit.

Karla Hill Welch

I enjoyed listening to you in Rockford, IL..didn't get the chance to speak with you, but Thanks for sharing!

Laura McIlrath Riel

Thanks again for coming all the way to Yakima! You are a great speaker and I really enjoyed the message you brought to the students!

Rebekah Carnathan

Really enjoyed having you in Lindale today!!! Thanks for a great message!

Jordan Drummonds

Brooks, A few months ago I went to the Capital One Conference. It was amazing! The biggest part of that amazing experience was listening to you. You understand the teenage life because you've been there before. I didn't think anyone could relate to it and actually give advice that works. I'm just amazed at every word you say, the person you are on the inside, and the influence you have on me and everyone else. I can only dream of being half the person you are, and I admire you. I'm currently reading your book " Love> Hate" and i am already in love with it. I look forward to seeing your next move. Please keep in touch.

Dakota Yanez

When you come to my school (tom browne) people stopped giving me problems. Thanx for your advice.

Paige Eats Pandas

Thank you so muchh.. You came to my school in corpus Christi [Tom Browne] that was exactly what I needed that day and I have struggled with alot of the problems you talked about.
Thank you(:


Chloe Torres

You were realllly cool! (: Everybody loved your talk, keeep it up (:

LaDina White

Hi, my name is LaDina White and I just want you to know that your speech was very touching. I believe that your use of humor was incredible. Although you were still serious when you needed to be. I firmly believe that love is greater than hate and the choices a person makes in their lives can influence the choices someone else makes in theirs. Thanks for coming to our school! It was nice to experience your character if only for an hour and a half. I think you will become very blessed. Thanks again!

Stephanie Marie Burgos

I couldnt agree more with the girl under me "cassy heath" made me feel all emotions possible to feel.I cried when you talked about cutting and hurting yourself because i've been there.and you reminded me of all the dark stuff in my past thats happened to me and use to cause me to do it,and how i overcame it.I got exactly what you meant when you said we should look towards other outlets rather than that(music,sports,etc).i chose art and music. ;).it's so nice to know there's a cool,funny motivational speaker out there,who sees us teens as more than just ignorant,rude kids.thank you.

Cassy Jo Heath

you know wat your the most amusing educational speaker everr. & deff the best speaker that has came to dhs. i can actually say i enjoyed an assembly! woot!

Holly Powell

Today,, you changed lives,, DHS will always welcome you with open arms,, lol to you making Tyler scream for birth,, your method,, of getting your points across,, thru humor,, made the whole hour and a half assembly worth it all,, Thank you much:)


Alysha Nichole Williams

That was amazing I'm so glad you came to our school today. Its amazing what you do. And I wish you to come back soon:)

Oneisha Williams

hey thanx 4 coming 2 dhs and telling us about your life u was awsome and we would love 4 u to come back again

Nish Poohka Tools


Charlie Bliss Daugherty

I have been doing your dance all day loll

Nic Owens

Due you were so awesome me and my teacher laughed so hard my side hurtbut some of it sad to it kinda like my life

Caroline Barnes

Hey bestfrienddddddd(: hahaa.

Ambrosia Williams

you were ahhmazingg ! imve neverr been soo moved in my lifee .... yourr jokes were hilarious & yourr message was soo clear & memorable . thankk you soooo mchh for comingg to dhs todayy ! (:

Kyle Miller

hes awesome just like me o and to fix ur hair just get a haircut like mine <:D

Cheyanne Cooper

ur so awsome ! I was laughing sooo hard i was crying ! hope u come back to DHS soon !!! <33


Riley Rew

u are so funnny i almost started crying out of laughter

Dalton Michael

very inspirational
come back to DHS u were awesome !!!!!!!!!

Shelby Youhas

Best speech I've personally ever heard. [: Thanks so much for coming to DHS! :D

Michaela Alyssa Bower

O.M.G i loved you speech today it was great very inspirationable period...i am glad youu camee to DHS to talk i actually cried well thanks for cominn hopee you comee backk ur the greatest speaker so inspirationablee

Breonna Urich

i was at the highschool in danville today.. just wanted to say i loved it!. (: very inspirational and helpful.. that helped me know to make the right choices!. :D it was very funny, and a great performance!. thanks so much for coming out to speak to us!. (: i loved it!.

Sara Maria Bello

Love>Hate (: you made my day!! Shake it off stomp it down. Sorry for all of the rude people that laughed during some sad moments. Ps I love you

... And hundreds of more comments are online.

Amanda Gabrielle Knudsen

Hi! I go to the Howell Highlanders Middle school and I am in 7th grade. Your talk with us today was awesome! I absolutely loved it! The things you said about making decisions as you get older, got to me. My dad has PTSD from the army and I have struggles in support. My parents got divorced when I was eight and when you said your parents got divorced when you were 11, I started to listen closer. As I got older I started hanging out with people who didn't have the best influence on me. What you said about who we wanted to be when we get older got me thinking,"Hey, these people will not help me in the future so I don't think I should hangout with them anymore." So in some ways, you saved me by helping me realize that my life could change if I make decisions without thinking them through and for that, I thank you. I really hope you come back again next year to talk to us!

Shelby White

Dear Brooks,
I was inspired by your keynote speech at the 2013 Oklahoma State FFA Convention! I have been bullied all throughout high school and my mother always told me "be like a duck, let it roll o
ff your back" so as my fellow classmates would laugh and make fun of me I would just walk away however I learned at convention to kill them with kindness. My little brother is struggling as a freshman in high school with bullying and I'm not sure how to help him, my mother and I have became very concerned about the situation and have been searching for ways to help. He has began to disappear into his own little world of video games, books, and TV.
In my community there is a large problem with bullying and of course as an FFA member I have the drive to change that. I have spoken with my youth pastor and we would like for you to come to our church or maybe the high school gymnasium in Pryor and speak with the youth in our community. I'm sure we can discuss which date would be best if you would like to come. Also we will need to know a price range. I am sure we can cover travel and meal expenses as well!
Thank you for your time and thank you for changing the lives of so many individuals!
Shelby White
Adair FFA


Bayleigh Woods-Roberson

Brooks u have been an inspiration to me as at my old high school in nsw, Australia I was bullied and retaliated to grabbing the kid around the throat but now I know the GOLDEN RULE be nice to the bully
Thx for that -P.S nice book by the way

Hillary Johnson

You came to my school today and I was in tears. I have been bullied since third grade. I have cut since 6th. And thought about suicide this entire year. And today you gave me some hope that it can get better. I'm going into high school next year and I'm kinda freaking out because the bully's will get worse but anyways thank you for giving me hope.

Tim Jill McClard

I am a Family Resource Coordinator and heard you speak at Fall Institute a couple years ago. Your message was so powerful that not a day has passed that I haven't thought about it and what you had to say! More importantly, I am a Mom and had hoped that I would never be in the situation where I was having to deal with issues that could be considered "bullying". I am not a fan of the term and feel that it gets overused and abused, but as a Mom, I feel my son is truly being bullied. I am sitting here in tears and feel helpless. My son is 14 years old and is in 8th grade. He has Cystic Fibrosis and while he is doing very well health wise and it is very mild compared to many cases you hear about-his growth is hindered by the disease. He has not gone through puberty and weighs 72 lbs. a difficult time in a teen boys life and being small and a late bloomer makes it even more difficult! Sorry to ramble-on with the situation at hand-there is a kid on the track team that has punched him, slapped him, verbally threatened him and honestly has scared my son to death. He came home that afternoon and shared the events with my husband. My husband shared the events with me and to be honest, my immediate response was-I am ready to kick this kids butt! While I know this will solve nothing, it hurts to know my child is being treated so poorly. We (my family) have a great relationship with the track coach and contacted him so an eye could be kept on the two. I did not want anything said to the child or to my child, I just wanted him to be aware of the previous events so the situation could be monitored. I feel extremely comfortable that Tate is safe at track, but he also has PE with this other boy. I was informed today that the boy started with his threats during PE today. I have my son the advice to be nice, avoid him when he can, but basically kill him with kindness. I notice behavioral/mood differences in my son and I notice a fear. He said to me today when we were discussing it that thankfully he just had 6 more weeks of school to deal with it! What can I do and what advice do I need to give my son? I am physically sick!!! I want to do the right thing, but I also want to be my child's advocate and want him to feel safe and not threatened. Any


advice would be greatly appreciated...and while I hate to be in this position, I am beyond thankful that my path crossed yours at Fall Institute and I have a resource that I respect toget advice from! Thanks! Jill McClard

Kali Ann

Howdy.Im Kali Rockafellow a sophomore at Lakeland High School. And I would just like to say your speech you gave was beyond amazing. I've been going though a hard time recently feeling alone and depressed and such and 3 of my closest friends tryed committing suicide in the last month and what you talked about gave me some hope and hopefully they got as much as an impact as I did. Anyways I just wanted to say thank you for your time of speaking to all of us. We needed to hear it

Trena Dudley

Yesterday you came to my school, Lakeland High School, and I just wanted to say that your performance was fantastic. I really enjoyed your approach to bullying and making it interesting!!! It made me think of my younger step- brother, though. He has a very low self-esteem and suffers from depression and anger issues. He has a therapist and goes to counseling, but I'm afraid that one day he will end up going down the wrong path. Whether it's drugs, alcohol, him physically hurting himself, or even worse... I don't know why I'm telling you this, you're probably too busy to read this anyway, but I just thought if there way any way for him to see you the way I did, I think it would help him. I just want to see him succeed. Him and I are not close at all, we've only known each other a couple years, but I still worry about him. He's only in 6th grade and he has told me of how people call him stupid and an idiot and make fun of him. WEll, I don't expect you to reply, but you're great and I hope you motivate on

Allison Martin

you saved me
you talked at danville high school a few years ago
you at lunch with the alternative school at loura lee
u saved me because i wanted to give up my live and i was tired of the same old stu
ff at home and at school!!!!!!! but if u hadent went to my school id be gone
but u inspired me to be a person that can be better than the people around me. be a better student and a better daughter to my family and freinds thanks for enlighting me and my hope for no more bullies in the world we can be at peace no more suicides

Dylan Pichon

Best speaker any school could ever have. Shake it off and stomp it= funniest part. (And Mexican Girl)

Ambrosia Williams

youu know you've done yourr job when it's sundayy & people are still thankingg youu
Mr. Gibbs - thankk youu soo mch forr blessingg all of ourr lives with yourr beautiful message . Please come backk soon ..... 

Nish Poohka Tools

You 2.! Thanx again.♥ Chelsea Linton

Best Assembly DHS Has Ever Had! Come Back Soon!! :)

Kylie Howe

- Best. Assembly. Ever. That was the first time I've ever pay attention at an assembly. :)

Kyia Cheyenne Bryant

dear brooks i now look up to you your very touching

Luci Nixon

Dear Brooks, thank you for coming to dhs. You are officially now my hero :)

Marissa Jeanette Burleson

You were amazing!!! Thanks for talking to Danville students... I was touched and laughed alot!

Bethany Singo

your amazing. your the best speaker dhs has ever had. i hope you can come back soon(:

Tangerine White

You were amazing and I appreciate the work you do so much!!!!!!

Aleana Brown

Thanks Sooo Much For Coming to Danville :) I Really Enjoyed it ! and You Have Taught Us Kids Alot of Stuff and the most funniest part was when you were doing that Dance when you were Talking bout your Mom ! :) Thanks For Coming to The DHS!!!!

Gabriel Despicable Garcia

Corpus Christi thanxx you Gibbs:)

Mallorey Reese

I saw you speak here at my school in Corpus Christi TX today... I just wanted to let you know that you really moved me; I've had issues with bullies in the past. Thank you for being such an amazing person. 

Amber Seals

Hey Brooks! I was one of the few thousand FFA members you spoke to in Fresno, I just wanted to say you did an awesome job:)

Jade Katen-Ynzunza

Gilroy FFA would like to thank you for coming to speak at State Conference. We reallly enjoyed your talk and learned a lot while still entertaining ourselves with your jokes. Your time is greately aprreciated and your support will always be remembered. Thanks again!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 9.05.01 PM.png

Mekylah Crow

Thank u for coming to the state conference mr gibbs I really enjoyed ur talk with all us FFA kids

Alexis Garza

Mr. Gibbs,
You're simply an amazing speaker. I am glad I had an opportunity to be inspired by you at the FFA conference this past weekend.

Ashley Marie Pesta

Thank you for speaking at our confrence! I could definately say that I walked away with a new veiw on things. Del Norte FFA loves you!

Leanne Robberson

Thank you so much for your speach at the FFA Conference, it was really inspiring!! :) I ♥ YOU

Kirsten Anne

you were AMAZING at CA state conference the other night, thanks alot for coming (:

Niki Todaro

You we definitely my favorite part of State Conference...I really connected with your message and it inspired me to look at things in a different way :)

Michelle Bristow

U were amazing with ur talk,i connected with it some much u would know an i cryd bcuz im livin that life but my moms n missippi an i cant turn to hurt but SHAKE IT OFF AN STOMP IT DOWN ever problem can help an make us stronger so i just want to thank u for reminding me all that u did :) thank u for make a difference

De Wichman Small

I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for all of the information on bullying. This is my husband's 15th year as a Jr. High teacher and he has been using the information you provide and has been recommending your website to his students there parents and fellow teachers. He has referred to the "7 steps to STOP bullying NOW" ebook. He is not up to date with the whole Facebook world yet so I am passing the info along for him.

Khrystal Tyria

Hey thank you so much for coming to my school today. You did an amazing job. I cried. But it was tears of someone understanding. Thanks again.

Brittani Suzanne Nordblom

your speech was so good today

Rhonda Sakuma

Awesome job today at the Rock the Lakes Student Leader's Launch. So intentional and motivational to speak the TRUTH! We need to get you back to WI soon. Our oldest son is in middle school. We want him to meet you. Hi to your beautiful wife. I remember meeting her year's ago at Westbrook. We are now at a new church plant in the area. Thanks again. Rhonda & Randy Sakuma

Harper Lee Berry

That was an amazing message today at 4:12:) Thank you for taking the time to come and speak to us, it meant a lot. And hearing a story that was alot like my own made it easier to understand. Thank you again.

Brian Russ

awesome job in Walled Lake this morning, thanks!!

Laurel N Kepner

wow!!! how i miss ur inspiration!!!

Mary Grabowski

Hii when are you comming back to Christian High??!!

Tryon Marie Journey

You should come back to Danville. You were awsome!

Kyle Bower

Hey Brooks, I got your book for Christmas, and I really wanted it after I saw you at Penn State, needless to say I spent my whole day on my couch reading your book and taking everything in. I cant thank you enough for everything, and I hope you stop somewhere near Penn State again soon. I know for sure I'll be making a trip there. I hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Years as well. Keep on motivating kids, you do such a great job!

Nathan Campbell

Great speech tonight Brooks! Really moving and the 180 tour marks another senior memory for me!! Thanks again. Btw, your insanely funny!! Haha:))

Jolie Weinstein

Hey! You were at my couzin's high school yesterday in New Jersey, she thought you were a really good speaker and that you were really funny. :) Also I read what your book, Love is Greater than Hate is about and just to let you know that it's next on my personal reading list. Please come to my high school, I'd really like to hear you speak!!


Humaira Ahmed

Hey Brooks what's up! So I'm from Danville High School when you were here like a month ago. I was wondering, could you send me the speech that you said you've said to your kids every night? It was soo sublime I think, and I can't remember all of it. :)

Sabrina Milich

hi u went to my skool savage middle skool

Haley Wolff

Hi I saw u at my school its somerset middle school

Aspen Padron

you are realy kool but kinda insane dont change your style and dont waste your life enjoy it

Laura Real Huebinger

Hey Brooks, just sat in on your Centra with Texas AgriLife Extension Service (4- H). Wonderful! Thanks for doing this for us!

David Espinoza

hey u inspired me sooo much i wuz at the school somerset you went to the other day and i wanted 2 say thank you :)

Hannah Smith

Hay! I really loved your lesson at Somerset on Thursday October 28th.. It was really inspiring and funny!! Hope to talk to you soon. On face book.. And by the way i went to shake it off and it said it didn't excist!! :.

Lucero Armas

u went to our school on thursday

Jacob Diryawush

Best speech ever

Kalei Allen

You were awesome taday at Savage you were really funny although I wanted to cry. Thanks for coming!

Alejandro Sandoval

U rocked u went to my school today!!! Daniel j savage middle school

Lauren Marie Eckerdt

Shake it off, stomp it down. I will never forget that :) Thanks for coming to savage. You were really great. You are really inspirational! :) Amazing story!!

Taylor Helm

Hey, you came to savage today and your storey really touched me,your an amazing person for getting on the right track and by your storey im not gonna ever try drugs it was a real eye opener (: and its the truth to. But you are really inspiring(:!and you are really funny I loved the dance moves lol...but I just thought I would say thank you(: btw im glad your mom gave you the little pony talk lol(:

Nate Jacobs

thanks for coming to savage and your really funny you should be a comedian

Jon Word

hey u came to savage middle school today and U R EPIC XD

Cheyenne Nicole

your really inspirational and you were so honest with us. ive been inspired to not do drugs and help the ones around me to not do them either. your dance was also really funny to. lol thanks for coming to savage and talking to us :)

Brooke Cresswell

Hi you came to Somerset Middle School on Wednesday and thanks for the story. P.S. you should be a comedian.

Lane Walker

hi:) you can to savage today and you were really funny and enjoyed your stories oh and i wont stalk you on facebook that is just really weird and i have a new favorite quote

Garrett Nance

Thank you very much for coming to our are a truly amazing speaker, and very inspirational as well.You're also VERY funny :)

Kelsi Snyder

"Shake It Off N' Stomp It Down"...My New Motto:D Ur Awesome!:)

Karli Mae

you were totally awesome today thanks for coming to Dan Savage! lol shake it off and stomp it down...

Natalee Charotte

You came to my school today! You were hilarious! i hope you come back next year

Erik Nguyen

Thank you very much for coming to Savage Middle School and telling us not to do drugs. You are very inspirational. Keep up the good work.

Chris Seng

Thank you very much for coming to Ustach and telling us not to do drugs. You are very inspirational. Keep up the good work.

Ceaser Ramone Rodriguez

ur a kool guy and can change peoples life awesome

Daniel Ching

you were amazing at ustach keep it up :)

Fernando Lomeli

Heyyy tour sooo funny go utach

Thomas Anthony Fendley

your story seemed so depressing and sad but it was very inspirational and moving :)

Dasha Kornilova

Your a great speaker and you made me laugh to the point where i almost cried,and i almost cried cuz it was sad.Thanks for coming to Somerset Mid. School.(: You Amazing.

Marisol Salemme

Thanks for coming to Ustach today it was fun and aweosme!

Jose Perez

LOVED, your talk at Somerset Middle School. Best speech I've heard in a while. Very inspirational, funny, interesting and not at all boring.

Hayden Tiwater

Im the kid/(dork) that asked you if you were a Christian at Ustach today. (You are friggin' awesome at speaking and in general)

Emily Castronovo

nice talk you were realy funny hope to see you soon agian thanx for bein there and helping somerset

Drew Dimond

You Are So Awesome, Amazing, and Inspirational! Thanks For Coming To Somerset Today. Your Speech Was Incredible and I Loved Your Dance!

Jake Ballantyne

Really good talk at somerset thanks so much

Isabel Carmen Tovar

that was a good and funny talk! hope i get to see you soon!!

Katie Messenger

the speech you gave at Brea today was awesome. it was funny and gave a great positive message to us all. I really hope you come back next year. every student needs to hear this speech at least once in their life time. i hope to see you again :) thanks

Cassy Jo Heath

Brooks! yourrr freakinn amazinggg!!... loved the speech!.

Cynthia Liveingmyownlife Conrad

Really enjoyed your speech at my school on tuesday just wish my dad was there maybe he could learn a thing or two one year and i leave for basic training thank you again you have been a really good friend.!

Austin Garcia

You are an amazing speaker! I saw you at Central High School in Clifton, Illinois!

Cristina Padron

i wish i could of gone and seen u at dhs but i couldnt

Aleana Brown

I Saw you yesterday at the Danville High School with your Child i was sitting on the stairs then i told my dad i was like " He was the one that talked to us about bullying Dad he is reallyy Funny!!" and your Child is Adorable!

Angie Brandon

Hi i was at the student council convention that you spoke at today. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed listening to you talk and I think what you do is great.

Sam Petkunas

hey i was at the student council convention you spoke at today.........all i have to say is amazing thank you!!!!!! keep it up!!!!!!!!!

Aaron Eggo Boma

hey i was at the student council event you spoke at today. Awesome. Best motivational speech I've ever heard because it related to improving peoples lives. Keep Doin' Your Thing!

Braden Muhlstadt


Hey "dad". lol
great presentation today, everybody loved it. Keep it up. youre awesome

Lewis Denckla

hey nice assembly you did for DHS i am a freshman there and it really opened most of our eyes to what can happen if we dont watch where were going sometimes youll be walking on a flat piece of land then theres a rut in the ground your legs buckle you twist your ankle you try to get back up but by attempting you bust your Achilles tendon...

yeah it can feel like that sometimes

Annette Hernandez

Hi Brooks I am also from Danville High School.... you really seemed to get everyone's attention and that barely ever happens.. you were great and really and my friends actually do that fork thing " haha your in jail"

Kelsea Michelle Webb

Hey, Brooks! I'm from Danville High, and I just wanted to stop by and say that what you presented really brought some things to my attention. Thank you so much! (:

Mc Googin

brooks man ur funni lik kat williams or somebodi at da same time that i was laughin i was also paying attention tew wat yu was tlkin bout da moral of da story was be urself and dnt let nothing hold yu bac for wat yu wanna do in life but im still strugglin on da dnt let nunthin hold you back part so get at me (im from DHS (dabville high school) )

Kelsi Cunningham

This is late lol,but Thanks so much for coming to Danville! You're an amazing, and hilarious speaker. I laughed almost thee entire time. The best part was some of the things you talked about, hit home. It helped to hear I wasn't the only one, and it was great to hear that through everything you turned out to be an awesome person. Can't wait to see you again!

God Bless!

Sara Elizabeth Todd

I just wanted to thank you for coming to Danville High School !
You definatly changed my like Mr. Brooks Gibbs !! (:
You are very funny and a very good speaker !
I was laughing the whole time and couldnt stop listining I can not wait to come watch you again when you come and bring my parents and other family 
members !
I hope you change there lives like you have changed my !

Trey Michael Walters

duuude thanks for comin to danville high the show was great

Sarah Hall

I can't wait for you to come back to danville hs! We "stomp it down & shake it off" CONSTANTLY noww.. its become something to get our friends smiling when they're down (not to mention its a good ab exercise!).. AND of course "you want to get with thisss" is another one too. Cya soon!!! Thanks!

Chelsea Craft

Mr. Brook Gibbs. I wanted to thank you very much for coming to danville high school. You made me see life a different way. I loved your speech and I can't wait for you to come again soon. I am going to try to come and see you and to bring my parents. Well maybe my mom but I hope my dad goes. & plus you are one comedian. Thank you very much for coming to danville. We are very very thankful. ---Chelsea Craft

Taylor Brown

dear brooks you have tought me so much since you have been here. im sop glad you came and cant wait to see you p.s. when u signed my pant leg its still there i love theses jeans and will never get rid of them lol thank you so much.

Katie Marie Tallman

Thanks for coming to Dhs.!! I'm so excited for the next one. You were great. (: Hope you do lots more.! (btw your speech brought me to tears It was amazing).

Paris Mcmullen


Katelynn Nicole Beene

- Thanks For Cominq To Danville Hiqh School In Illinois :] , You Were Great ! & i loved Your Speech , Thats The First One i Have Liked Outt Of All Of Them ! :) Thanks To You , i Am Getting My Grades Up ! i Thank You For That , i Hope you Can Come Back :)

Megan Seyfert

Thanks very much for coming and speaking at DHS. I was lucky inn the fact that you were the person i was filming. You made my day very fun and a joy to film. Please come back again soon

Meredith Justine Whitehair

hey brooks your speech was so inspiring the other day and you were so hilarious me and my friends say the "shook it and stomped it" all the time now and i thought about what you said about your wife being in a wheel chair and how she isn't sad or anything about her condition i am in a wheelchair also and i hate being in it because i would rather walk i won't be in it forever though but your speech helped me realize that i shouldn't be ashamed of being in a wheel chair because i guess i could have it way worse but thanks for the speech and i hope you come back to dhs soon thanks! (:

Kourtney Goodyear

Heyy thanks for coming to Dhs in Illinois on Fridayy . i tihnk thats one of the only assemblys i enjoyedd and it made me think of some of my problems i finally got rid off and how they actually affected other and me . you gave me a better understanding of how nto to blame myself pretty much .

Austin ToohighnThesky Jacob

hey u came to danville high school in danville illinois friday..u were so funny..everybody liked ur spech..i hope ur doing good n keep teaching students...

Jorriel LaShay

- I never listened to an assembly til friday at DHS :) come back SOON :) ; your 2 dimensional lol :)

Dylan Short

Brooks I've never listened to an assembly so much at DHS. I was paying close attention and experienced a few things you did. In middle and elementary school I was picked on and tortured by so many kids. Eventually I developed depression and something called aspergers. I have medicine for that now, but since then if still been depressed every once in awhile. The story about your wife and all the things you went through really opened up my eyes. I feel more confident and believe more in myself. Today my friends were wondering why I was in such a happy mood, I answered" I was inspired by that assembly."

Thank you so much for coming to our school. you've inspired me and made me a better person. I hope you come again! I wish you good luck to your whole family!

Michelle Lynn Lewis

Hey! Im a student from DHS on Friday & I just wanted too let you know that you did an amazing job! Hope too see you again :)

Chelsey Olivieri

I agree with some of the people who left things on your wall. You inspired me so much. I go to Danville High School, and quite honestly almost skipped your speach to us, due to my lack of caring for assembly's at that school. haha. But, i went, and laughed so much. You're a wonderful speaker, as well as an amazing comedian. It'd be nice to meet you/see you again! I'd definitely like for you to come back and see everyone at DHS! :D

Cynthia Liveingmyownlife Conrad

Thank you so much you opened my eyes I was the type of girl who would always hide in the dark behind everyones judgement. I would always get told I could never do something and I wouldn't make it in life. My father wasn't always there and after my mom died he had to step up and had no idea as to what he was doing. To this day I still don't think he quit understands what I am going through he is always telling me that I am going to end up on the streets and live poor and alone Thank you very much for this presentation I felt like it was pointed at me it helped in a huge way now I feel like i can do something. Because of you I have a life set ahead of me I had signed up for the navy that day. Many people told me i would never be able to make it thank you so much you made a huge influence in my life.

Paige Marie Andres

Mr. Gibbs i got to hand it to you, you are the first speaker that didn`t bore me to sleep. Thank you so much for coming to Dhs and your heart touching stories. You have opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at things. I loveeee the "shake it off, stomp it down"! Hope life keeps getting better, you deserve it! Come back soon! :)

McKenzie Sheahan

Mr. Gibbs I want to thank you so much for coming to our school. Before you came to our school (Danville High School) i was oblivious to the things that I have done in my past and because of you I have a different perspective on life. I used to do things horrible because of the things I have been through but by you coming to our school I have had a change of heart. even though I have been through a lot I have decided to make better choices in life. You have changed my life and heart for ever and always thank you Mr. Gibbs. You your wife and your kids, father, mother and sister have a special place in my heart

Brinna Murphy

Hey, I am a SENIOR at DHS and i just wanted to say thank you for coming and talking to us, I wish there were more people like you in the world I guess is what I'm trying to say because I have been at Danville for 4 years and I seriously doubt anyone fell asleep during that assembly going in many of us were like oh great another boring speaker...well you started speaking and I was amazed, and for you to just come out and tell everyone your life story is something I don't think I could ever do. After the assembly I was like man, why couldn't he have came sooner cuz no one is perfect and I can really relate to some of the things you have been through whether in my life or someone else's but I could never figure out how to let them know, like you CAN have better for yourself, you CAN make a difference in your life, you CAN get away from everything but it takes hard work and determination and I really think you showed many students what I didn't know how to put into words. Well thaanks.

Anna Lerner

Honestly, you are one of the very few motivational speakers I've listened to that has actually tugged at my heart. I look up to you in so many ways and words can't describe how phenomenal your performance was. The feeling of lonliness gets the best of us at times, and I'm so proud of you for everything you've done and that you continue to do. You changed my life, and I'm pretty sure everyone in that room could feel your pain at that very moment. And that's what we needed. A taste of reality. You are simply unbelieveable, Brooks. Bless you :)

Cristina Padron

hey i hope u get to come back to danville i thought your speech was wonderfull hope to see you again and you are really funny lol

Sara Dawn Townsley

I have never laughed so hard ina long time (: Your the best speaker i have ever heard . thanks for coming out ! Come back soon (:

Haley Marie

Awsomest assembly ever!! I really liked you. You were hilarious..I hope you can come back soon..

Bailey Jane Williams

Man no one has made me laugh that hard before! You are hilarious. But so true at the same time. I go through things you did when you were my age and you just spoke to me about all of it...thank you so much for opening my eyes. I hope you come back soon :)

Chase Holt

Man your a trip. You had me rollin on the part where you said the mexican girl had tourettes in her lips lol.

Bailey Rose Crawford

So i really hope you come back to Danville soon :) That was probly the best assembly ive been to in ever. Lol.

Maya Anglin

I actually Wanted To Listen to A assembly For The 1st Time ! . I Was Moved By Everythinq Yhu Said . ! Yhur Jokes Where Funny ! ( like Actually Funny Not Tht Wanna Be Funny ) lol . And Yhu Were Inspirinq ! I Loved Every Bit Of It ! Thanks For The Visit . PLEASE VISIT AGAIN !!!!!!

BreeAnna Nicole Martin

Hey Brooks, im Bree you came to my small town of elkhart ks and may i say you are awesome dude!

but, the reason i am messaging you is because i wrote a poem and i want your opinions on it:
"What they don't tell you"
They don’t tell you that you cant be yourself or you will be made fun of. They don’t tell you that you have to be a size 0 to be good enough.

They don’t tell you if you don’t have big boobs and a nice ass that you mean nothing to guys.
They don’t tell you that girls that used to be your best friend turn into your
worst enemy.
They don’t tell you that those people who have been with you for forever will walk out on you.
They don’t tell you that razors are not only what you shave with but also what you cut with.
They don’t tell you that you will be destroyed over the internet by groups of girls.
They don’t tell you about pressures to have sex, do drugs, and drink.
They don’t tell you that suicide is when you hate your life and want to die. They don’t tell you that a smile on a girl is a lie.
They don’t tell you what its like to be a teenager, the pressures, insecurities, and the troubles.
We grow up with positive mind sets on the world. Thinking everything is wonderful.
We grow up watching TV stars that seem perfect, we think thats how life is when you’re a teenager.
Its not.
............ so if you would just tell me what ya think. thanks

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 9.05.53 PM.png

Miranda Berishaj

yur an inspiration, what your doing is amazing&i cant thank you enough for coming to my junior high. i actually started crying&i gave you a hug, i tried to say something but i choked up on my tears. thank you so much, youve made a difference in my life&made me see my life&others in a whole new perspective. Youve motivated me to make a change&to be honest i think i have. so thank you.(:

Meredith Garcia

your story today really inspired me . im at three rivers middle school student and you came to day (: it really made me think about the things i do and how i should look at them in a more positive way c: i just wanted to thankk you so much !

Savana Talley

Thank you so much for coming to George West today. It REALLY helped me. I used to cut myself because I was bullied. And I loved your truthfulness and energy! Please come back soon! -Savana

Carson Crisp

You are awesome. Out of all the speakers I've seen throughout my life at school about bullying, you by far were the best. You really had us all


listening and eager to hear what you were going to say next I'm glad God sent you to George West to help us cope with bullies in a way that will change their minds. You are super cool. And your name is awesome! GWJH LOVED YOU!

Mason Slaton

You put a impact on my life the other day in van texas!

Hailey Frey

Hi, Mr.Gibbs! My name is Hailey, and I saw your presentation in Van, Texas today. Thanks for inspiring me. I hope I don't ever have to scrub a Buffy Buffalo. I hope I get to see you again. Thanks.

Jesse Ramirez

Hi Brooks, I really enjoyed your speech you did at my school in Elkhart Kansas. I am a new student this year at Elkhart High School , and on my first week off schoolI used the golden rule. My first week was pretty hard and being the new student isn't always easy but after my 2nd week it got easier, even though there were some freshman boys that were very rude after a while they stopped being rude because they finally saw I'm not a bad person. Your speech really helped my me understand why some kids are mean or sad, I never realized they might have problems themselves. My mom works at the middle school and she said that you were from Novi Michigan and I thought it was very cool because were from there too. Thank you so much for coming to my school, hopefully you can come again next year!(:

Morgan Cheyenne Lebeda

I just want to say thank you for coming to Elkhart High School today. I had just recently had a fundraiser for anti suicide d
ue to bullying. My best friend killed himself last money because of being bullied, and I am always bullied, because I have a

prostheltic leg, and kids in Elkhart honeslty hate diffrent. Again, thank you for everything. (:
-- Morgan

Erik Stegall

thank you for coming to henderson middle school i loved your storys you had both happy and sad storys but i think they are something to learn from and help me and many others thank you for coming


Christina Colley

You deserve, like, a humongous hug. You came to my middle school today and when you brought up still having scars on your wrists and contemplating suicide, I cried. You're such an inspiration! I hope I could be like you someday, because I can tell that you're so strong and loving!(: Well, keep doing what you're doing, because that's what saves lives.

Megan Sara

hello i recently got a letter from the Sauquoit valley high school social worker Luann Miner. There was information about some guest speakers we could invite to our school.I am in the process of researching them to pick some one i think would really get the students attention. I'm not sure if you remember me but i did the interview with you so i could write about you in the school paper. For that reason i asked student and staff for some feed back and was shocked to see how well your message stuck! my article got the cover of the school paper! thank you so much for coming to our school i have even noticed a difference with the amount of bullying. You have also made an excellent impression on the students and for that i really look up to you. you have what it takes to make people see what bullying can do to kids and how the victims of bullying can help them selves. Thank you again for every thing you have done to make our school a safer learning environment.

Kenedee Tenea' Rittenhouse

The best speaker I have ever seen.. thank you !!! #inspired !!

Marissa Dutton

Thank you so much for coming to Lakeland truly inspiring.

Kiana Wilcoxson

Thank you for attending the OK FFA State Convention! You made a big impression on every FFA member in the state(:

Angi Messick

Thanks for coming to Nebraska! Awesome presentation!

Amy Connery Harmon

Great presentation in Nebraska..very motivational!

Brenda Lobner


Completely enjoyed your presentation at YRTC-K! :-)

Teri Lindstrom Vosicky

Thank you for sharing your message with the NJJA Conference in Kearney, NE!

Marnie Schecklman

I would just like to say, thank you for what you taught not only my small school, but another small school as well, about bullying. I really think you made a modern approach on the topic and I believe you not only opened my eyes, but others' eyes as well. I will try to end bullying in my school and hopefully people will follow in my footsteps. You sure made people laugh with your stories, but I am happy you turned out the way you did. Nobody needs to go through what you did. You are a very strong individual. Congratulations. You made it! :) But thank you again! It was greatly appreciated!
Marnie Schecklman
Loyal High Presentation 2013 Attendee.

Kyah Hom

Thank you Brooks Gibbs for coming to our school and giving advice and some stories to our Junior High and High School kids who needed the support from another being. Your stories were a little sad, but if you got through those hardships, we can do the same with our lives. THANK YOU! 

Kyle Rogers

Thanks for coming to Hannibal! I feel you really made people think about the consequences of bullying. And thanks for the autograph! Much appreciated.

Janae Nicole Jalowitz

thank you so much for coming to Loyal WI! you are so inspiring and have a fantastic way of getting the message out to everyone! once again thank you!!!

Kyler P. Delis

Thanks For Coming To Spencer, Wisconsin. One of the Best Presenters We ever Had.

Jarrod Dale

Thanks for coming to ND!!! Your talk was awesome!

Baylee Marie Bartz

The keynote you did at the Northern Light SADD conference was absolutely amazing and inspirational. I’ve been dealing with bullying for almost ten years (to the point that it made me suicidal) and now I know how to handle it. Thank you so much for being such an amazing inspiration. You are now a hero in my eyes. Thank you so much for opening my eyes and giving me a slightly new look at life.

KaSaundra Peterson

Your keynote was fantastic at the Northern Lights SADD conference. It was on a topic talked about a lot but in a new version, yours. Thanks for coming to speak to us.

Cheyenne Horack

Hey brooks loved you at the national sadd conferance you were absolutely amazing! You are now one of my heros you taught me so many new things. I myself have been bullied and now with your advice I can help others that are being bullied. I love you so much you are the greatest :)

Conner Pilcher

thank you for coming to my school! ( Little Miami intermediate) u helped me out a lot!

Lynn Caddell

Mr Gibbs I just want to come and give you a big hearty Amen. Thank you so very much for ministering to the kids in our community. God showed up and showed of through you. We love you and cannot wait to have you back. Mainville Ohio

Phil Leslie

Just got your book from Amazon over the weekend & gave it to my 13 year old son who's dealing with some moderate harassment at the Christian school he attends. Love your work & your ancient method of dealing with bullying! When my son finishes the book, I'm loaning it out to the school's headmaster. Love to have you come to State College, PA sometime!

Ashley Beasley

Hello Brooks! I just want to stop by and let you know you have been a great inspiration for me. I have taken " love is greater than hate" with me to the University of Mary Washington with me and it has helped me greatly with the diverse group of people I have met in college. I met you about three years ago in Richmond, Va and since then your book has gone everywhere with me on my nook. Thank you for your amazing words of "love is greater than hate"!

Leila Barnes


hi, i love your speeches. you came to geisler middle school yesterday. you really spoke to me and it gave me good advice. i loved the bully in jail. preety cool

Dan Ristau

Hey Brooks, just wanted to say what a great job you did for the Geisler MS students the other day. I hope it makes a lasting impression and gives some of the kids being bullied some tools. Good work.

Matt Orman

Good job at my school today !

Bailey Butash

Thank you sooo much for coming to Anderson today. Your talk affected me a lot! And you are hilarious! Hope you come to the High School next year! 

Ryan Likes Coneys

you came to my school, anderson middle school in berkley michigan and i LOVED what you had to say you go man! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Taylor Howard

Will you ever be back to Danville Illinois?? I really enjoyed hearing you speak at the High School!

Maranda Lamprecht

Thanks u for comeing to r school !!!!!!(:

Haylee Ann Dobbs

I totally LOVED your little seminar you did just 5 minutes ago! :D

Cody Hein

So I just wanted to let you know, I was teaching an orchestra class at Graves County High this past week and one of the kids said that their hand was hurting, so I told him to set down his instrument and"shake it off." Next thing I know the entire class was dancing in their chairs saying "and stomp it down! Shake it off and stomp it down!" Thanks again for coming and sharing with us!

Zach Fleck

Hi brooks Gibbs! I dont know if you remember but a year ago, you were at the Light of Christ youth group (Path) retreat. I was there. We just finished this years retreat and I really think that you really touched me last year. This year, we just learned about the old testamate. It was interesting, but didn't relate to me too much. When you talked about bullying, it really related to me because I am in middle school. That is the worst few years but I am in my final year. I will be at the Youth group retreats every year and I hope that once the next few kids cycle through, you get to come back. You related to many kids lives that year and you were extemeley entertaining. So, if you can, you may want to contact the church so you can do it in two years if you still travel around. I know it seems far away but that is when there will be all new kids. The bullying talk was great and important to our lives. Im glad you were there while I was Also, you entertained my group who is not easily entertained, that is impressive. It was a talk I wont forget so please, try to come back when there are new kids. I think its something that really helps us understand. -Zach

Natalia Jean Vukonich

Dear Mr. Brooks.
I would just like to say what your doing is amazing stu
ff. I have lost 5 people who were extremely important to me in the last year and a half. 3 of which was suicide all within 5 months of each other. I just lost two more people important to me this last week. Its still so hard to deal with all this loss and with all the bullying I get at school from both teachers and many students. I'm just so sick of living this life. I'm not to the point of suicide. But I just hate going to a school with an extreme amount of bullying going on everyday. I have been to hell and back many times and being bullied at school doesn't make it any easier.
Natalia Jean
Junior at Amery High School

Lexie Cruse

hey brooks gibbs i loved your presentation when you came to our school! theres one thing though.... parents think just because theres no physical bullying, theres no actally bullying.. could you maybe address this more that words do hurt...? a lot? thank you for all you do!

Layna Brown

Hi Brooks!
I was just at one of your meets and you were amazing! Your a great motivator and your actually my roll model.
But I've been bullied since 5th grade and you really helped me understand how to deal with bullies. I've always ignored the bully and he stopped for awhile but then he did it again and its getting worse. I thought telling would help but that mad him even more mad. I really need some new ways to try to make him stop without being a bully myself.

Cinnamin Harwood

Thank you for coming to our school! You were super funny and it was really inspirational for my friends and I. Thanks

Kaleb Miller

Great Presentaion today man... I really enjoyed listening to what you had to say

Paige Elizabeth Davis

Eh, I just wanted to tell how much I loved you talking for the sadd conference in grandforks! I thought it was like you were reading mind cause you talked bout all things I've been struggling with. My dad is been using drugs ever since I can remember and I've been constantly bullied because I'm not smart enough or not skinny enough but hearing you talk made me think to just not care bout what people think of me, so thank you!

Ashley Brockman

Hey brooks! You just spoke at state sadd today and you really made an impression on me! I wish I would've gotten to talk to you because I have a few things I would like to talk about but anyways thanks for coming up to northern lights sadd you were great!

Thanks, Ashley

Priya Uppuluri

You were so amazing! Thanks for coming. COME BACK TO DHS! and i'm glad i got to shake your hand! :)

Priya Uppuluri

You were so amazing! Thanks for coming. COME BACK TO DHS! and i'm glad i got to shake your hand! :)

Krista Yesenia Chavira

YOUR AWESOME PERIOD , and your speech touched me , i acually cried..i love how u mixed it with humor ur brilliant (:

Deb Runyan

Thank you so much for joining the Alternatative School Students for lunch today!

Kyle Miller

awww ur welcome for comin to danville man u almost cryed man and thanks dude ur beasty and im awesome

Haley Kurcedes Youhas

OMG Your super funny. When that kid said you looked liked Justin Bieber I laughed to hard... I don't see it lol

Ravyn Skaggs

thanks for coming today for Danville High School! :) I loved it so very much!! Shake it off! Stomp it down!! THANKS MUCH!!

Jessica Babb

Great speech at DHS today.


Tamara Switzer

Great job at DHS! I wish I had heard a speaker like you when I was going through that at school. :)

Destinee Davis

oh n i loved the story about ur mexican girlfriend that was hilarious

Paris Mcmullen


Destinee Davis

u are so funny u were the bester speaker ive ever heard cause u got a piont across n made me think about what u thankz

Lexi Brooks

Thank U For Cominn To Danville U Were Awesome!!!! Im Pretty Sure Everybody Liked It!!!!! =)

Sammie Jo Waterman

Your stories really got to me today i actually cried when you talked about your wife because my older bro is in a chair too.

Rylie Morgan Sheahan

You were amazing today. i could relate to your stories a lot! you are a great person. :)

Jacob Reffett Takeinbythebest

i liked wat u did today

Jimmy Strawser

hey i was in the audience at Danville High school You where awsome probably the best asembally i have ever been in you were SUPPER funny you should come back some time say hi to your wife and kids for me they sound AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caitlin Ratliff

Thanks for speaking at DHS today, and thanks for letting me share my story with you :)

Chandler Glitterbomm Schmit

Saw him at danville High he was amazing

Rachel King

I really liked your motivational speech today!

Alyssa Dee Trujillo

Amazing speech today thank you me and my friends laughed so much when u talked about cholos haha I also wanted to cry in some parts thank you that made my day :)

NaiNai Cronkhite


Jada Winbush

Yhu r AMAZING !! I Loved yhur speech !! It was hilarious !! Shake it off stomp it dwn !! Lol !!

Hailea Braaten

Thanks So Much For Coming Today. It Was Truly Inspiring. And Your Song At The End Was Wonderful =P .

Jessica Nicole

I Loved The Speech Today !! .... I Will Never Forget Itt... I Loved it .... :p It waz very inspirational .... ;;; This will Help Me in Life ( no doubt ) .. :D It waz very Funni Too, ;;; Thnx 4 the visit Come bakk any time!! ..... :)

Alissa Peelman

Thankyou for coming and talking too our school! You were amazing! One of the best Assembly's I have ever been too. You kept everyone watching, And awake(: Haha. The story about your family was very inspirational. Later that day, I think every single student sang "Shake it off, Stomp it down" atleast once. (: Thankyou so much! You did amazing!

Tify Crofoot Reed

Hey. I know you probably don't remember me but My Names Tifany. I go to Hannibal and I took your Advice. When my bully was making fun of me, I didn't nothing more than complement them and they stop immediately I felt so amazing! They later that day brought me into a counselors room to say that they were sorry for bullying me all these years so Thank You for all your advice. It made a HUGE difference.

Hayley Irene

Brooks Gibbs,
Hello, i know you're very busy and might not have time to read this.. but I go to Hannibal High School, My name is Hayley Grant and i am 17 years old. You were at my school recently and well, let's just say you sir, have inspired me. I want to be a writer someday and inspire people with my words. I was wondering if you knew of anything that would help me with my writing. Also, you are an incredible person, my friend. You brought tears to my eyes when you gave your speech. When you talked about how you used to be an addict and a cutter.. i was speechless.. I'm going through that right now. Iv'e been smoking pot, doing pills, drinking and cutting for about 7 years now. I was bullied all through elementary school and middle school.. it just now stopped in high school..because i started to be able to laugh at myself and take a joke. I still smoke weed, but i don't cut, 4 months clean. I'm still battling with depression, insomnia and anxiety. I have a really bad self- esteem, to be honest. When i look in the mirror.. i don't see pretty... i see disgusting! And i know, i know.. everyone tells me i'm pretty.. but that's not what i see. I want to see that, i really do.. but.. I don't, sadly. My mother and me were really close and well.. she is in prison now. Has been for 2 years, and i miss her terribly..And my dad, well.. he hates me. Puts me down, calls me names.. bullies me.. how can i deal with that? i mean, he's my dad.. he won't stop! And he thinks it's funny.. and iv'e tried the whole be nice thing.. it doesn't work.. he only gets worse. Please give me some advice Briggs. Thank you for your time.

Jasmine Marron

finally, a speaker that possibly changed danville teen's minds :]

Greatexpectations Williams

i just wanna say thank you for coming to my school(dhs)you are one of the very few motivational speakers i have heard that actualy motivated me!you are blessed!and you have touched many people you have a gift thank you again

Celena Smith

you were awesome my whole skool waz waz sayin ur jokes all that day DHS ALL THE WAY

Holly Powell

&& as you can see in the little old town of Danville,, the problems of the youth,, is swept under the rug,, almost like the sterotypical idea of a child,, to to be seen but not heard,, but when someone like you,, a boy turned man,, with a world of problems that you escaped,, you give USA voice along with the hope of being heard,, you gave us another chance,, a chance that for many of us,, means being a bitter,, hatefull person,, you not only opened my eyes but nevertheless gave me hope,, that tomorrows troubles won't be the end of the world,, it will just be another layer of dirt,, and I now have the knowledge and

the courage,, to shake it off,, and stomp it down to climb out of this hole that,, I myself,, and others have helped me dig,, and that soon I will learn to love> hate,, thanks Gibbs,, I have wanted to become a phycologist/life coach,, since I was little,, (5yearsold) and I know I will be talking to some client in the future and find myself saying quote "shake it off,, and stomp it down"- unquote Brooke Gibbs:))

Bailey York

That was one of the best assembly's I've ever viewed! thanks for coming to DHS!

Jeffrey Simmons

dude u were awesome

Ashlynn Brown

U were really funny i hope u come to DHS again

Carl Way

dude u were funny haha

Eduardo Rangel Jr.

u do the butty shaker

Jelani Day

" YOU GOTTA SHAKE IT OFF , & STOMP IT DOWN :D " . lmmfbo , that was too funny .

Paris Mcmullen

i hope u come again really soon. and when that boy said ur shoes looked like boat shoes or whatever he said i thought he was wrong i liked ur

Mikayla Edenburn

u were like so amazing. . . . . .i hope that you can come back again. . . .and the booty shaking part was a little weird but hillarious -mikayla edenburn